“We’ve come so far my dear…” A Cowan Wedding and Vow Renewal

Oh my goodness, where to begin?! We first met with Whitney, Robert, and Henry back in December to discuss their vow renewal and to take their save the date portraits , which were so much fun!!

We finally got together again this past May to actually capture their big day! Jesse went with Robert and Henry to get ready while I stayed with Whitney and all the ladies! Let me tell you, from the beginning of the day the amount of love for the three Cowan's was obvious. Everyone was ready and willing to do anything that was needed. As the day went on it only came out stronger. From all of Whitney's sisters helping her get ready and everyone fitting in the small office at Mildred B. Cooper Chapel and taking some of the best funny pictures I have ever seen!

The actual ceremony was simple yet gorgeous. With the surrounding trees and sunlight coming in through the glass walls it gave the entire chapel a very fairy-tale-like feel. Once all the groomsmen and bridesmaids walked in it was time for all the little ones, and older kids! To walk in with signs Whitney had made that counted down how long that she and Robert had been married, and it was just way too cute. It all culminated with Henry walking in before Whitney and her father Brian, down the aisle to Robert and her step-dad Eric, who officiated the actual ceremony. The vows were definitely not traditional since this was their ten year wedding anniversary and their vow renewal, but there was definitely a lot of reaffirmation of continued love and support, making sure to use the bathroom farthest away if they were both sick. Let me just say, I cried happy tears more than once during this day!

We were able to get portraits of just Robert and Whitney after the ceremony and I am pretty certain that to date they might be some of the best portraits I have ever taken. Whitney and Robert have so much love for each other and you can see it everyday when you just meet and talk with them, and I am so glad that I have been able to capture it for them. We were able to get some laughs along the way while capturing these portraits as well, thanks to a natural stone floor and my ladder 😉

When we made it to the reception the fun and love just kicked it up another notch! The couple drove there in Whitney's dad's Chevy Hot Red 1935, which was pretty awesome. They rolled up and the party began. They had a cheese board, donuts instead of an actual cake for the guests, and some super yummy food that Nina, one of the bridesmaids prepared. There was also a large assortment of different style glasses that Robert and Whitney had collected that the guests got to pick out and use as their glass for the night and take home as one of their souvenirs. One of the most beautiful things that was at the reception was the original outfits that Robert and Whitney wore when they first got married. Not only had they kept them for that long, but they also thought to have them at their vow renewal seemed so wonderful to me. I loved how young their outfits were and how innocent they were in their pictures they had displayed and then you see who they have become now and you know how much they have grown, not just as people but together and in more love. The first dance was another moment  when I happy cried. One of the groomsmen, Dustin, and an accompanist, played/sang an acoustic version of James Arthur's "Say You Won't Let Go" So, so beautiful.

Thank you so much to Robert and Whitney for allowing us to be a part of your big, big day. Y'all, your family, and your friends made us feel so welcome, and made our job so easy and fun. I hope y'all have a wonderful lifetime of happiness and love.

Dress | Pronovias from The White Dress Boutique in Rogers

Hair and Makeup| Done by Whitney's Sisters

Ceremony| The Mildred B. Cooper Chapel in Bella Vista

Reception | The Cedaridge Event Center in Rogers


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