Lifestyle Sessions 

Head shots: $75.00; forty-five minutes

Family Sessions: $150.00 for one hour; $200.00 for two hours. 6 or more people add $25.00 per hour.

Mini Session: $80.00 for thirty minutes, no more than five people. Please feel free to email us for information about these sessions. This does not include any holiday/Seasonal Mini Session Specials that we may run, which may cost more or  less depending on if props must be made or purchased.

Senior Session/ Hobby Session: $175.00 per hour and a half; $75.00 per every additional hour. As many outfits and locations as allowed by time.

**Prices do not include tax.**

***If you aren’t finding exactly what you are looking for, please contact us at, so that we can make you photography dreams come true!***