A Sweet Boy On A Hill…

A few weeks ago, I got the pleasure to meet the Saunders family! Dillon, Tomasina, and Tomas were just amazing to work with! They were so understanding when I totally got lost walking to the meeting point, and then when the rain moved in right at the end of our session! We got some great portraits on the bridge and of course with Tomas playing on the hill with the wildflowers.

Tomas was just climbing all over the place and exploring the hill we were on. He and Dillon, Dad, we growling at each other, chasing after each other, and making some of the best faces I have seen. Now it took a little more convincing for Tomas to get some more smiles with mom, Tomasina, but once we got some smiles he was ready to go! I cannot wait to work with this amazing family again! They were just so perfect! ❤


Little Miss Ernst and Family

The last time we saw Johnni and John we were in a pumpkin patch with sunflowers everywhere! We finally got to meet Miss June and and she was so much fun! She was ready to explore the park, the small creek area, and eat all of the grass that she could possibly get her little hands on! She decided to be nothing but character and just give up all the smiles! We really enjoy working with this family and cannot wait to work with them again in the future! ❤


Sunshine and Leaves…

Just shy of a month ago I had the pleasure to photograph the Smith and Paquet families! It was originally just Nick, Nichole and little Oliver, but Nichole’s family came up to surprise her for her birthday and well, when the opportunity presents itself you have to have some of your Grandparents and Auntie with you! It was such fun, it was a little warm for it to be the beginning of November, but we made due! The leaves were perfect and Oliver was such a little ham! It is so much fun working with a family that is roughly on the same timeline you and your family are on. Our boys are only a few weeks apart! So it is always nice to know that there are other people who are going through things around the same time you are!

Anyway, we were at Crystal Bridges and a little field off of the Square that I might have fallen in love with. It is a bit of a walk from the square but, oh so worth it. Nick, Nichole and the gang were up for anything that I suggested, if if it meant, sitting on the ground to get the picture I though captured what I needed to capture or tossing Oliver in the air to get him to smile right at the end of the session.  I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I did taking them. I cannot wait to work with this family again soon! 🙂

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Where to start, where to start… this is a post that I have been ruminating over for a little while, mostly because it was a two-fer post, it is probably the biggest thing we have done yet. We have done a few maternity sessions, and a few newborn sessions but to date we hadn’t done the same family for both, not before now.

Katy and Stephen were one of the winners of our maternity session give away earlier this summer, and then shortly after we did their in home newborn session. Both sessions were so much fun to do, between Pokemon catching in the middle of Bentonville Square to the puppy cuddle moment in the middle of their Harry Potter-themed nursery. There was a little hit and miss during the session but they were all worked out in the end and I believe we ended up getting some amazing memories for their new little family of  three/five, it really depends if you count furbabies, and we here at Heart & Thyme count furbabies.


Without further ado, allow us to say “Welcome Earth-Side: Lil’ Mo!


Double Session!

Oh my goodness y’all. We have been busy like woah lately! I have been working on a HUGE double session we did a few weekends ago. It was a family session and a senior session all kind of rolled into one up at the Bentonville Square. It was also in the middle of, up til then, the hottest day of the year. So a lesson was learned, don’t schedule anything during the hottest part of the day, but if you do, stay hydrated. So with all of that said, let’s move to the part you really came to see.


Like I said this was a twofer, so much fun! Cindy, Destinee and Colin were just great! As usual we started with a lot of “But what do I do with my hands?!” Once we got into the groove there was no stopping anyone! Destinee is our first 2017 Senior! So that was a lot of fun, trying to see how we could incorporate all of the “you’re going out in the world, this is the last true year of childhood” and “pretend you love your brother and mom” haha! The usual camaraderie and playing around had to be tailored to three different people in two different situations. A challenge I truly enjoyed.Colin was probably one of the more spirited people I have had the opportunity to photography to date. He was very excited about getting to see the Alien Vs. Predator Movies the next day, so that was a pretty big motivator for him throughout the session. And Cindy, well Cindy was mom. She wanted to have fun and take great family pictures. She also helped keep an eye out for the wildlife we ran into! Ask me about that story later! I hope you guys enjoy these photos!


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So Many Sunny Days!

April 24th was a beautiful day! So sunny and bright! A great day to do senior pictures for Ms. Elizabeth! She was so much fun to work with! We went on a little bit of a hike for some of these pictures, and even under a road, haha! She was game for anything! We did some of the traditional senior pictures and then we just went with whatever we saw!

She had so many great pictures, I had a hard time trying to select pictures to finish! It was so much fun doing this session!

She has such a bright future ahead of her!

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Congratulations Elizabeth! Good Luck on All of your Future Adventures!!



April 23, 2016 was a beautiful spring day, not too hot, not too cold, just right, with a slight breeze. The sun was shining and everyone was taking advantage of the beautiful day, simply trying to shake the rain from previous weeks. In general a lovely day to throw some confetti in the air and have some fun.

This group of ladies were so much fun to work with! They all had great ideas for different pictures to take, poses, places to try and just in general they had such a fun atmosphere! We did this Hen Party Session at Bentonville Square and 21C/The Hive right off the square.

I must stop here and simply say Thank You to Kara and Jonathan, a couple of managers at the Hotel/Lounge for allowing us to do part of the session there, it is such a beautiful place, if you haven’t had a chance to get up there, do. If anything just to take it in. I also must give thanks to Bartender John who was willing to be a part of some of our pictures, he was not only a great sport, but super funny who kept it pretty light, I mean, we did have a broom in a upscale bar, and he just kept it rolling, like it wasn’t a big deal at all. So, once again, I must recommend this place for anything, really.

We started our session at The Hive and from there moved to the square, we did several group shots, but we also did a few of Bekah, the Bride, solo, because let’s be honest, it is her Hen Party! It was time to celebrate the Last Hurrah as a Miss! I cannot stress how much fun it was to work with everyone! Truly a wonderful group of women! Without much more, here are some of my favorite pictures from this session! Don’t forget that I have different pictures here, on our Facebook page and on our Instagram!


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Bekah, I hope your big day is everything you dreamed it will be! I know with these lovely ladies at your side it will be nothing short than amazing!