What A Lucky Day to Get Married

Back in March I had the wonderful pleasure of capturing the wedding of SaeJen and Tres Freeman! Prior to the big day on March 17th, I was able to capture some engagement portraits of their wonderful little family! We spent that afternoon at the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks and had a wonderful time! I was able to get them to SaeJen and Tres in time for them to have prints at their wedding! It was an amazing feeling being able to see my work on display! Then the big day was here! The ceremony and reception was at The Garden Room on Dickson street! Such a beautiful venue for their St. Patrick’s Day Wedding! SaeJen’s Mother, Aunt and closest friends helped her get ready that morning, and she looked 100% like a spring bride in her Lace Dress from David’s Bridal . She then topped the entire ensemble off with a bouquet from Jules Design, gorgeous!

The ceremony was officiated by SaeJen’s uncle, while her aunt was her Matron of Honor. Both of her sons, Jakob and Jackson, walked her down the aisle to Tres, and were both super cute. The wedding was an intimate affair with their friends and family in the perfect weather of March, out on the patio. Everyone then went inside for the reception and a delicious buffet of goodies, a chocolate fountain and cakes from Shelby Lynn Cake Shoppe. Overall I think a wonderful celebration of love and the joining of families. I know that SaeJen, Tres, Jakob, and Jackson are going to have years of wonderful love ahead of them. Congratulations SaeJen and Tres, y’all are one of the best couples I have had the pleasure of working with!


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Valentine’s Day Mini Sessions!

It has been a little while since Valentine’s Day but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t still excited to share our sessions with you! We have been going like crazy the past few months and weeks and are so glad for it! But sometimes it is nice to take a second to be able to share some of the stuff we have been working on with you! Speaking of sharing things with you guys, we will be making some big announcements here in the next few weeks, so keep your eyes open for that! (Make sure you are signed up for our mailing list!)

Alright, on to our mini sessions!


Our first mini session was with sweet Meredith and her mama, we were  able to do several different backdrops and sneak in our own sweet Harrison, they might be best friends! I can’t wait to see these two in the future, we might have to do a summer and fall mini session just to see more of their cahoots! ❤


Our second session of the day was with sweet Miss Amelia and her mama and dad! We just missed her being able to sit unsupported by a few days, but we made due with a super cute basket and some fillers! She had such a great time rolling around on the floor and getting to play with some kisses! She is another one that we are going to have to come back and check in on soon! It is so amazing and a great honor to get to watch these babies grow up!



We truly love all of our photog-family babies! And cannot wait to continue to watch them grow up and grow into wonderful people! ❤


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Hopefully the next update won’t be so far down the road.


It has only been a year, and you have so many more…

It really feels like just yesterday when I got that first message from an old high school friend asking me to do newborn, then milestone portraits for her daughter who was on the way, I was so thrilled and honored that Stephanie and her Boogie, Chris trusted me with such an amazing and important time in their family. Then little miss Charlotte, Char, made her appearance, all in her wonder. She came into this world and immediately stole everyone’s hearts. She is such a wonderful little person, with her own little personality. When I got to see them again for Char’s 6 month session, she was ready and willing to get going, even though we were still crawling, she wanted to be on the go. She is nothing but adventure, as most babies are. As we confirmed at her most recent session, we met up in Wilson Park, and she immediately  went for, well a hobo sock, which did indeed garner quite a few laughs, so we distracted her with leaves and some books and that seemed to satisfy her craving for thing of the unknown variety! Once we got her to the swings and some, well wood chips, we had a wonderfully happy Char again! She loves to run, and she is a sweetheart. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for this sweet girl! I hope that you continue to be curious and explore with abandon! ❤

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Dogs in Pajamas and Aunts doing Booty Dances…

If you have followed us for anything length of time then you will be familiar with Emily and Derek and their fur baby Lula… this year we expanded our portrait session to all of Emily’s sisters and a new fur baby Frankie! We were able to use Emily’s moms house as our backdrop for these wonderful, and lively photos! Miss Connie was simply wonderful in letting us use her fireplace and her dining room! We had a few bumps in the session, mostly wee ones not too sure of my large lens, but Aunt Emily was able to… improvise a wonderful song and dance that got some big smiles! (With the help of some cookies!) I truly love getting to work with this family! I cannot wait until our next session and cannot wait to see where life takes Emily and Derek, as well as Frankie and Lula!

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A Few Moments With Hemingway…

Back in the beginning of November I had the honor to photograph Julie and Brian elope in Eureka Springs at the East Mountain Overlook. It was simply beautiful that day. The leave had just turned the perfect colors and we were in  just the right places to see everything. We did get attacked by the little Japanese Beetles that decided to swarm, more Brian than anyone for some reason, but someone must take one for the team.

It was truly amazing. Bells rang as they kissed after their hand-fasting ceremony, and this great big raptor flew by in the background. It was just, magical. After the ceremony we went downtown and wandered through the area. We stopped by the Town Hall, by the Waterfall Stairs, and of course we ran into a concert happening by the Crescent Hotel. I truly had so much fund photographing these two people.  I cannot wait to see what life has in store for them.

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Sweet Miss Ryla

Oh it has been a minute since we have seen the May family, in fact, the last time we saw them we were announcing that Emma was expecting with a baby girl back in early summer! Now I am so happy to introduce to you all, Miss Ryla. She is so sweet and wee in the way only the newest of babies can be. She made all the best newborn sounds that you expect during her little one on one time. The grunts, the coos, everything, my mama’s heart just melted. She was just so, perfectly newborn, if that makes sense.

Her big sister Carissa, was just so wonderful, being right there and protective. She was rather excited about some pumpkins, which sadly did not make it into this session but, maybe our next session we can find something just as exciting! Big Brother Jensen, was wild as wild boys can be and I loved it. We had a wonderful time with their session and I cannot wait to get the whole family in front of my lens again!

Ralph, Emma, y’all have an amazing family and I truly enjoy working with them and with you. I cannot wait to see y’all again! ❤


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A Lovely Morning at the Lake

Ah! Where to begin! To shake the dust off since we have had such a crazy past few months! I am so excited to bring y’all this session first out of our fall craze! Especially since with this family, they might be among my favorites! Just don’t tell Jimmy that or I’ll never be able to get a smile out of him again! 😉

Y’all will probably remember Allison, Jimmy, and Amelia from our recent newborn and maternity sessions, but now I get to introduce you to some of Allison’s wonderful family!  Her mom and dad, Elizabeth and Wayne, and her  younger sister Amy! We had such a great time at Lake Atalanta Park! I hadn’t had the chance to go there and I loved it! I will definitely be utilizing this park again in the future not just for photography but for our own family! The playground looked amazing!

I absolutely loved working with this family, and am always so happy when I walk away from a portrait session with them! We did have a little bit of a moment trying to figure out where some strange noises were coming from in the tree house, but otherwise everything went swimmingly! Miss Amelia did so well especially since she is still so wee! The Sun did get a little bright for her a few times, but we made sure to be pretty close to the shade for her!  I cannot wait until our next session together!



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