Sweet Miss Ryla

Oh it has been a minute since we have seen the May family, in fact, the last time we saw them we were announcing that Emma was expecting with a baby girl back in early summer! Now I am so happy to introduce to you all, Miss Ryla. She is so sweet and wee in the way only the newest of babies can be. She made all the best newborn sounds that you expect during her little one on one time. The grunts, the coos, everything, my mama’s heart just melted. She was just so, perfectly newborn, if that makes sense.

Her big sister Carissa, was just so wonderful, being right there and protective. She was rather excited about some pumpkins, which sadly did not make it into this session but, maybe our next session we can find something just as exciting! Big Brother Jensen, was wild as wild boys can be and I loved it. We had a wonderful time with their session and I cannot wait to get the whole family in front of my lens again!

Ralph, Emma, y’all have an amazing family and I truly enjoy working with them and with you. I cannot wait to see y’all again! ❤


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A Lovely Morning at the Lake

Ah! Where to begin! To shake the dust off since we have had such a crazy past few months! I am so excited to bring y’all this session first out of our fall craze! Especially since with this family, they might be among my favorites! Just don’t tell Jimmy that or I’ll never be able to get a smile out of him again! 😉

Y’all will probably remember Allison, Jimmy, and Amelia from our recent newborn and maternity sessions, but now I get to introduce you to some of Allison’s wonderful family!  Her mom and dad, Elizabeth and Wayne, and her  younger sister Amy! We had such a great time at Lake Atalanta Park! I hadn’t had the chance to go there and I loved it! I will definitely be utilizing this park again in the future not just for photography but for our own family! The playground looked amazing!

I absolutely loved working with this family, and am always so happy when I walk away from a portrait session with them! We did have a little bit of a moment trying to figure out where some strange noises were coming from in the tree house, but otherwise everything went swimmingly! Miss Amelia did so well especially since she is still so wee! The Sun did get a little bright for her a few times, but we made sure to be pretty close to the shade for her!  I cannot wait until our next session together!



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O'(Neal) Baby!

So about a month and half ago we had the pleasure of doing a combined family and maternity session with the O’Neal family! It  was such an amazing session at Wilson Park in Fayetteville!

CJ and Paisley got a chance to run around a little bit after we did the family portraits while we did Chandun and Jeanene’s couple images really quick where we could keep an eye on Gianna in her stroller, where she would stare at our son, Harrison, who decided to munch on  Cheetos and just watch.

I am so very, very excited to meet their sweetest,  newest little boy Kaven! The biggest reason that we haven’t had a chance to do the newborn session yet has been the dreadful crud that has been going around lately! No reason to risk some cute pictures for a couple of sick babies! As soon as everyone here in our house is back to healthy you can bet I’m going to get some of those new baby snuggles!!


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Meet the Robinsons <3

Ah! Where to begin! We had such an amazing time with Jennifer and her hubby Ken a few weeks ago to celebrate their one year wedding anniversary at Crystal Bridges! Let me tell you, I get to see a lot of love doing this crazy fun photography thing, and these two are truly the definition of love! I have known Jennifer and Ken for a few years now and they continue to love and be sweet on each other like it was day one! I know each couple has their own ups and downs, and they have had their own, Ken has always been there for Jennifer and the same can be said for Jennifer being there for Ken, but you would never know that they have ever had any trails, ever. The love that they have for each other is one that I can only hope to continue to have for my hubbins.

We were up nice and early that Sunday morning so that we could beat the heat and humidity of Northwest Arkansas, and I think we did just that! The light coming through all of the trees and hitting all of the glass was just gorgeous! Not to mention Jennifer looked stunning! We were able to get several different shots including a few of the open to the public displays of the Chihuly exhibit that were outside and in the available areas of the museum. It was so much fun getting to go around Crystal Bridges, Ken is the Facilities Engineer at the museum, and we learned so much about the construction of not just the original building, but ongoing projects and how they were so invested in keeping true to making sure that they were as unobtrusive as possible to the nature surrounding the museum.  Which makes it probably one of my favorite places in the NWA.

I truly hope that you enjoy these portraits as much as I enjoyed getting to take them! Jennifer and Ken, I know that you guys have so many happy, love-filled years ahead of y’all! ❤

A Sweet Boy On A Hill…

A few weeks ago, I got the pleasure to meet the Saunders family! Dillon, Tomasina, and Tomas were just amazing to work with! They were so understanding when I totally got lost walking to the meeting point, and then when the rain moved in right at the end of our session! We got some great portraits on the bridge and of course with Tomas playing on the hill with the wildflowers.

Tomas was just climbing all over the place and exploring the hill we were on. He and Dillon, Dad, we growling at each other, chasing after each other, and making some of the best faces I have seen. Now it took a little more convincing for Tomas to get some more smiles with mom, Tomasina, but once we got some smiles he was ready to go! I cannot wait to work with this amazing family again! They were just so perfect! ❤

Little Miss Ernst and Family

The last time we saw Johnni and John we were in a pumpkin patch with sunflowers everywhere! We finally got to meet Miss June and and she was so much fun! She was ready to explore the park, the small creek area, and eat all of the grass that she could possibly get her little hands on! She decided to be nothing but character and just give up all the smiles! We really enjoy working with this family and cannot wait to work with them again in the future! ❤

A Summer Afternoon with Miss Char

Oh my goodness, where has the time gone?! The last time we saw this wonderful family little Miss Char was a newborn and was so wee! Now she is a rollie pollie six month old babe! Ready to start exploring the world and everything in it! With mom and dad of course! I cannot believe that she is already halfway to a year and celebrating her half birthday! She had so much character at her first session and big smiles, and the same held true for this one! Granted we did have to work a little harder to get some smiles since we did wake her up from a nap, but once we busted out Elmo and some song and dance from everyone she truly had a great time 🙂 I cannot wait to see what her next session is going to be like, and yet at the same I hope that time still slows down and that her mama and dad get to enjoy as much time as they can with her at this stage 🙂 ❤

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The Hackley Family

Originally we were supposed to have this session on a Friday night, once Ryan, LeeAnn, and Logan came into town, however, mother nature was not on our side that night. Instead we met on the University of Arkansas’s campus early Sunday morning to try and beat the midday Sun and try and make sure that they could get back home in time to get ready for the week. Even though we had to reschedule we had such a wonderful time! We got to run around the campus and play and dance all over the place. We found both Mom and Dad’s names on the senior walk and made sure Logan got to ride a Razorback, because who doesn’t want to do that?! It was so much fun to see the entire family interact, there is so, so much love for each other. They are truly a lovely family. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them and finishing them.

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All Smiles And Crinkly Eyes…

It is crazy how life will often bring people in and out of your life. Eleven years ago I met Stephanie at Arkansas Governor’s School, it was an amazing summer, great memories were made. At the end of the summer everyone made promises to stay in touch and try to visit. We all got on Facebook, through the years we’ve all kept loose connections and what not. And then… all of a sudden life goes on, we all eventually got married and started having babies… and Stephanie and her sweet husband Chris entrusted us to take their daughter’s newborn pictures this past November! Little Miss Charlotte was just so stinking sweet. She definitely has her Mama’s sweet smile, it is one of those that takes up the entire face, all the way up to the eyes. I might be already planning this little one’s milestone pictures because her newborn pictures were just so much fun!

So without much more to say, I’m just going to let these photographs show how much fun this session was. I truly enjoy doing “lifestyle” newborn sessions. The cute little swaddled babies are so sweet, but cuddles with mom and dad are just the best and melt my heart so much! I’m so thankful that I am able to do this! Thank you again, Stephanie and Chris for entrusting your memories to us!

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A Bump, A Baby, A Family

Where to begin, where to begin?! How about the beginning, I met with Sarah and Scott back in late July to plan their Welcome Baby package and a birthday surprise for Sarah’s mom Anita.It was a fun little afternoon in the Onyx in Springdale, if you haven’t been, you need to go, amazing coffee. Any way we made the plans and decided to meet up a few months later to do their maternity session with grand plans of hot air balloons and sunshine. Without further adieu, I shall tell their little story here and now if you will let me.

Mount Sequoyah is a rather special place in Fayetteville, a lovely place where you can truly be away from everything, yet still be right in the middle of the city. It was also a very special place for Scott and Sarah as well, this is where Sarah told Scott they were pregnant with a long awaited baby boy. Sarah and talked a lot during their maternity session, as you are wont to do while taking breaks or just trying to get to know someone. Let me tell you, little Ezra is probably one of the most loved little ones to have ever come Earth-side. Sarah and Scott have other special memories up there, but I am honored to have been a part of these most recent memories and capture probably some of my favorite pictures to date.

Fast forward approximately a month and little Ezra was here! He was here and was so, so much fun! He was so cuddly and sweet. He just wanted to stay all curled up in a sweet little ball as newborns want to do, which is precious! And makes you want to cuddle them up all that much more! But we managed to get some wonderful pictures of him by himself and with just mom and dad. Scott’s parent’s were in town to help so we also snagged a few of Jayne, Jayjay and Phil, Papa, with little Ezra that day as well. Don’t worry though, because approximately two weeks later…Anita, Sarah’s mom came over and Nana and Ezra got some amazing pictures as well!

We cannot wait to work with this family again, like for a little while I went through Ezra withdraws, I was seeing this family almost every few weeks and then they weren’t there! Crazy! When we say you become a part of our family, you seriously become part of our family!  Next time we work with sweet little Ezra, you can be guaranteed that their will be some hot air balloon action going on! ❤

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